Meet the Happy Tiffin

Andrea of the Happy Tiffin

The company Happy Tiffin provides unique, high-quality, stainless steel eco-friendly food containers. The company motto is, “Practical, Earth-Friendly and Stylishly Hip!” A mash-up of green products with an eco-centric style.

I Love Tiffins. I’m nuts about them. That's why I started the Happy Tiffin.

My name is Andrea Thein and I’m the founder of Happy Tiffin, an eco-friendly company I started in 2008 after a life long love affair with tiffins. I have come across numerous examples of these unusual shiny stainless steel containers — the “tiffin” — from a multitude of countries - each and every one is functional and beautiful and a unique example from the country they came from. Somewhere along the way it occurred to me to make these eco-friendly boxes available to everyone, hence, Happy Tiffin.

Since then, amazing things have happened along the way: Our fellow bloggers, vegetarians, and green eco-fans have embraced us, magazines have written about us and YOU have sent us images of your lunches and stories to share.

Happy Tiffin LLC

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Happy Tiffin at Telluride Film Festival 2009Westways Magazine

Your Health Connection

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Happy Tiffin at Telluride Film Festival 2009Happy Tiffin in Bon Appetit Magazine

Telluride Film Festival, Director's Gift Bag

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Happy Tiffin in Lifehacker

Happy Tiffin in [The Nest] Magazine Feature

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Happy Tiffin in Vegan Lunch BoxHappy Tiffin in Edible Santa Barbara

Vegan Lunch Box


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Happy Tiffin in Green Earth JourneyHappy Tiffin in Bellaziza's Favorite Things

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Happy Tiffin in Santa Barbara SeasonsHappy Tiffin in Safbaby

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Itsy of the Happy Tiffin